I create traditional watercolor paintings and graphite pencil paintings that capture your imagination and try to tell a story about a particular  moment in time. Through the use of light and shadow and detail in these paintings, it is hoped that the observer will find something new to see or think about each time the painting is  viewed.
   I had my formal training in drawing and design at The University of Bridgeport; Bridgeport, CT where I earned a BS degree in Industrial Design.Although most of my art training was technical in nature, all of my fine art training has been self taught. Hours of trial and error with watercolor and pencil has brought me to a place where I am  comfortable with the medium and I know how to achieve my  desired end result. Some of my paintings can take up to two  hundred hours to complete.
   Most of the work that I do comes from studying the North Carolina countryside and being inspired by how light and color affects objects in their natural setting. Historical places are also a favorite subject to paint.
I currently reside in Mocksville NC.
About Me